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Voice Artist & Podcast Host
Suzanne Lynn is an experienced North American, female voice artist with a lengthy client list that includes Coca Cola, Pottery Barn, Dove Soap, Home Depot, Nestle and the Department Of Defense. She also has an extensive history of being a radio personality, in all kinds of formats. And this is where her love of voice over work and years of radio work have come together as a corporate Podcast Media host.
Suzanne  can help you take the step into the world of relationship marketing, which is all about developing an emotional connection between the client and product. The relationship marketing strategy seeks to develop solid bonds with customers by giving them direction information on demand that caters to their specific interests and needs. We have a 360-degree social media package that includes a weekly podcast complete with full transcript notes, a weekly blog that correlates with the show that week and a monthly video.

All of this is done with the goal of reinforcing your brand with fresh new content through audio, video, and the written word.
From her top-of-the-line personal studio in Central Florida, she provides high-quality recordings and professional service to clients all over the world!

Suzanne is also available for all types of projects - broadcast and non-broadcast - including but not limited to commercials, eLearning, IVR, audiobooks, etc.
If you're seeking a friendly, warm and conversational voice for your next project, check out the demos below, then give her a call or drop her an email.

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