Suzanne Lynn Productions

 Your Voice matters!
 When it comes to eLearning, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. The right narration can increase the effectiveness of your project and enhance the overall learning experience.

Are you really creating your best work with the voices you’re using?

Suzanne Lynn has provided narration for hundreds of ATD courses. Her smooth, warm delivery and professional production helps ensure that students can focus on the content and achieve the highest levels of comprehension and retention. Contact Suzanne to see how she can bring professionalism and results to your eLearning projects!

But what if you want to produce your projects entirely in-house?

Suzanne can coach the members of your team and turn them into voice-over rock stars! Her fun, hands-on sessions focus on basic and advanced skills that can that can be applied immediately.

Among the areas of focus:

  • Clear pronunciation and proper pacing.
  • Breathing techniques while reading.
  • Eliminating distractions.
  • Sounding "real" - not robotic or overdramatic.
  • Editing and production.

With your input, Suzanne will customize a training program for you and your organization. Here are some services she offers in person or via Skype:

  • Talent evaluation
  • One-on-one training.
  • Classroom workshops.
  • Follow-up sessions.
  • Certificate of completion provided.

Contact Suzanne today and take the first step towards turning the audio portion of your eLearning projects from Boring to Brilliant.

20% discount for ATD Conference attendees!
For rate quotes and other information: Call 605.941.4719 or email Suzanne
Suzanne Lynn is a member of ATD and WoVo